PomonaFest 2017


North Area Athletic Complex (NAAC)
19500 West 64th Parkway, Arvada, CO 80403 ( View map )
October 7th, 2017

Marching Bands

The Pomona Marching Festival is an Official CBA Sanctioned event. There is a limit of 24 bands in Prelims and 12 bands in Finals. Prelim times will be assigned by priority of finish from last marching season.

  • To apply online for the Waiting List (as of 5/26/2017), please fill out the Pomona Marching Festival Application.
  • Paper applications may be sent by US Mail, or scanned and emailed to the Pomona Marching Festival.

The entry fee is $335.00, which covers both the Prelim and Finals competitions, and includes a DVD of your band’s performance(s). There is a discounted entry fee of $295.00 for all payments received by June 1st, 2017. Check or credit card payments are accepted.

Entry Fee Payment options - for bands registered by 5/25/2017

1. To pay by mail - please write checks as payable to Pomona Music Boosters
Pomona Music Boosters
Attention: Pomona Marching Festival
PO Box 745518
Arvada, CO 80006

2. To pay by credit card - please fill in the High School and Director information before clicking the Buy Now button.

Pomona Marching Festival
High School

We’re looking forward to seeing your marching band on the field!

Amand Singer
Director of Instrumental Music

John Reed
Asst. Director of Instrumental Music

All entry fees are non-refundable after August 18th, 2017. Also, all band registration materials must comply with 2017 CBA rules and submitted by Sept 6th, 2017 to be eligible to perform at the festival.